Becoming - A Podcast for Teens

Depression vs. Situational Sadness

December 27, 2018

How are we supposed to know when our feelings of depression are just a situational issue or if we might be struggling with clinical depression?  Tawni interviews Lee Young, a clinical social worker, who gives us wonderful information on depicting the difference between the two.  He teaches us great tips on learning how to cope with these feelings, as well as understanding when it is the right time to seek medical attention and visit a counselor or therapist.  We touch on suicide and how important it is to make a commitment to yourself to never let that be an option and what to do when you or a friend may be struggling with these feelings. Here at Becoming we are passionate about de-stigmatizing the mental health conversation. We are striving to create a space where we can discuss and learn about the things that are hard to talk about. We hope that through this episode you will understand that there are so many people who love you and places that you can turn to for help. You are not alone!