Becoming - A Podcast for Teens

Success Through Adversity with Cody Weight- University of Utah cornerback and CEO of Solitude Homes

April 25, 2019

Success can be defined in many ways.  In today's episode you will hear a couple of different perspectives on how to overcome adversity and find your definition of success.  When you don't make a sports team, or get that scholarship you were hoping for, the next steps you take can be very defining in your life.  Throughout our interview with Cody Weight (former University of Utah cornerback and team captain, as well as CEO of Solitude Homes), we were inspired by his example of having the tenacity that is necessary to fight for your dreams; on and off the field.  He taught us how patience and perseverance are key to overcoming adversity. His road to success has never been smooth, but failure and disappointment are necessary for us to succeed in life. The fundamentals and grit that we learn through sports can absolutely play a role in prospering in the business world. It is amazing to learn how this correlation has continued to help Cody thrive in his career and family life.