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3 Simple Steps to Planning a Holiday Family Service Project & Why it is so Important (Interview by Tawni on Real Connections Podcast by Cami Moss)

November 28, 2019

This year to get you in the holiday spirit, we are focusing all of this months episodes on subjects that inspire you to look outside of yourself and look for others. Service is one of the best ways to make the Christmas season more meaningful. We can serve the physical needs of others as well as the emotional needs of others.

This episode is from when Tawni was a guest on the Real Connections Podcast with the host Cami Moss, (you'd love this podcast it is completely focused on creating real connections with others through meaningful experiences, it's one of our faves). Tawni shared about the service project that her family along with a few other families have done for these past 2 years. The hope is that you'll have ideas pop into your mind or what you might be able to do to help others in need. A service project is a great way to get the season rolling! 


Episode originally aired on: Real Connections Podcast - by Cami Moss

Instagram: @realconnectionspodcast


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