Becoming - A Podcast for Teens

4 Areas: Better Body Love with Ashley Reeves

March 26, 2020

When we decided to cover the 4 topics of personal growth, we knew exactly who we needed to interview for the Physical category.  Following and learning from Ashley Reeves of @ashleyrosereeves on Instagram over the years has had a profound influence on helping us have more body positivity and self love so we couldn't wait to hear her advice to teens on this subject. In this episode you will learn why it is important to have a love and appreciation for your body as well as how to build a foundation of infinite worth, gratitude, acceptance, and self care. There are many reasons that we might struggle with body love and acceptance; height, weight, health conditions, skin problems, etc. If you have ever struggled to find acceptance for your body we hope that the episode will encourage you to change the way you feel about your incredible body. 


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