Becoming - A Podcast for Teens

4 Areas: Intellectual

March 3, 2020

We were surprised to find how passionate we were about the intellectual category of the 4 Areas to Improve Your Personal Growth Series.  The word intellectual can be summed up by how we learn, find truth, and expand ourselves; which is basically what 'Becoming' is all about! We discuss the spritual reasons behind why focusing on growing intellectually is so important as well as all of the temporal purposes.  We often think of growing intellectually as traditional education such as school or college; as much as those things are so valuable, education doesn’t begin and end in a classroom. We can learn new skills, we can learn from books, we can seek education and should always seek it.  Tawni shares a personal story about how a missed opportunity in college could have prepared her for a future that only God could see for her. We also discuss the growth mindset, as well as talk about different ideas for skills you should think about learning before graduating highschool and leaving home.  We hope what you learn in this episode will help open your mind to the importance of growing and learning both temporally and spiritually.