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4 Areas: Physical

March 19, 2020

Today we are focusing on the Physical aspect of our serious of 4 Areas to Improve Your Personal Growth.  As we researched and discussed the physical category we were struck by how incredibly important it really is.  In fact, when we neglect our bodies all the 3 other areas (spiritual, social, intellectual) do not work as well.  In this episode we will discuss how important it is to recognize the gift, beauty, and wonder that our bodies are.  Our bodies are the vessel, that allows us to have our individual, incredible life experiences. We talk about what an amazing instrument our bodies are and how lucky we are to have them while we fulfil our life’s mission here on this earth. You’re body is not meant to be your masterpiece- your life is!  We hope that through listening to this episode you will find a deep and profound appreciation for your body and that you will in turn discover different goals and ideas to support your resolve to take care of the physical aspects of your life.  


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Our favorite quote of the episode by Glennon Doyle

Warren Buffett car analogy 


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