Becoming - A Podcast for Teens

Intentional Moments with Becca Walker

January 9, 2020

The New Year often has us focusing on resolutions, goals, and personal evaluations; but it does not have to be as overwhelming as it sounds.  We were thrilled to interview an amazing college student about how she set a couple of simple intentions at the beginning of her Senior year that changed the entire course of that school year. They were so impactful that she continues these nightly practices to this day. Our guest, Becca Walker, took on a challenge to perform a small act of service and record it in a daily calendar. Her other intention was to take a silent moment for herself, and write in a gratitude journal every night.  She realized how vital it is to take a little time to be aware of the small moments and blessings that surround us constantly. As she did this, she was able to reflect back on how often she has seen the Lord's hand in her daily life. It was amazing to learn about how this simple practice effected her and increased her positivity and spirituality. These small intentional moments really added up to make a lasting impact.