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4 Areas To Improve Your Personal Growth

February 13, 2020

We were thrilled when the new Youth Program that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was released; it completely aligns with what we are trying to accomplish here on Becoming.  Instead of giving the youth large assignments or specific tasks to accomplish, they have designed a new approach that encourages you to counsel with the Lord about how you can grow in a balanced way.  The program is focusing on four main areas of growth which are: SOCIAL, INTELLECTUAL, PHYSICAL, and SPIRITUAL. It is suggested that you seek personal revelation so you can decided how to move forward with setting goals and encouraging growth for yourself in these areas.  This new approach is intended to help you discover your eternal identity, build character and resilience, develop life skills, serve others, and fulfill your divine roles as sons and daughters of God. 

Tawni and Erica knew that it was important to dedicate a series of episodes based on these four areas.  This is the intro to that series.  We will be discussing the "WHY" behind this program, and different examples and ideas that have inspired us as we strive to grow personally along with you. We will be doing a complimentary interview to coincide with each topic. We are excited to have you join us as we learn and grow together! 


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