Becoming - A Podcast for Teens

Be More with Less with JoEllen Woods

September 19, 2019

This month we are focusing on some really practical tools for teens. After focusing on money and good personal finance habits...we knew we really wanted to share with teens the MAGIC of MINIMALISM. Full disclosure, the both of us ARE NOT minimalists...yet...but we are both working towards having more intention with our purchases, decreasing the consumerism that so many of us are addicted to, and doing away with the STUFF that we are just holding onto because we feel bad for it! Your stuff doesn't have feelings!

JoEllen Woods is here to teach us how this can truly work for teens. We can only imagine how drastically these tools would have helped us if we had known them when we were younger. JoEllen is on a mission to prove that being a minimalist isn’t boring! Through building & styling versatile wardrobe capsules minimalism and intentionalism can truly be for EVERYONE. 

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