Becoming - A Podcast for Teens

Debunking Myths around Sexual Violence with Public Health Professional Hailey Adams

February 6, 2020

Sexual violence is a topic that many of us may feel uncomfortable to talk about. This topic may seem scary, but the more we understand it and are educated about it, the less scary it becomes and more we feel empowered. There are so many misconceptions and myths that surround sexual assault and violence. Hailey Adams is a Public Health Professional that worked with UCASA (Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault) and worked at the Rape Recovery Center on the education team and with the victim advocacy program assisting sexual assault victims. We will be discussing the same material she used in educating students in middle schools and high schools in Utah to help debunk myths surrounding sexual violence. There is so much important information in this episode, whether you are a victim or want to know how to respond when you learn that someone you know has been a victim...this is an episode you should not miss.


If you are a victim of sexual assault please call 800.656.HOPE (4673) to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area. You will receive confidential support from a trained staff member, have someone to help you talk through what happened, and receive information on local resources that can assist with your next steps toward healing and recovery. 


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