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ENCORE: What I Learned from My Mother’s Passing as a Teen with Sam Johnson - TALES FROM TEENS

April 8, 2021

ENCORE EPISODE originally aired April 2020

The loss of a parent is an experience that most of us cannot imagine. We were so blessed when an incredible teen named Sam Johnson reached out to share his story of growing up with a mother who was diagnosed with M.S. before he was born, was physically impaired for most of his life, and passed away this last year. We were blown away with the positivity and perspective that Sam clearly learned from his mother who lived a beautiful and full life. Sam found so many life lessons from his mother, his family, and friends as he went through an unthinkable life challenge in his young life. As we listened to his story it just drove home how our attitude and our gratitude is so important as we journey through this life.

In loving memory of Alice Anne Warner Johnson


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