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Gap Year with Benjamin Laufer from Headscratcher Podcast

August 1, 2019

When Benjamin Laufer decided he wanted to take a gap year, he thought that using the extra time he had to contemplate and learn about the world would really help clarify the world and what might really interest him. As he researched and dove deep into more and more topics he found he had even more questions and "Headscratchers" than ever before.

He is an incredible example of what can be achieved if you structure your time, set up great lifetime habits, and work dilligently to acheive your goals. Living each day with intent he has found progression to be an organic change rather than a forced one. We think this has made him so ready to start his new chapter in life! We loved learning about the positive changes he was able to achieve, and what he's doing now to share with others as he figures out life in his own podcast "Headscratcher".

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