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Healing From an Eating Disorder with Tony Young

June 4, 2020

Back in episode #63- Toxic Perfectionism, we interviewed a young woman who discussed how she struggled with a form of an eating disorder. That episode got a great response and is one of our most downloaded episodes.  We knew that we needed to continute to break stigmas and provide a place that we can discuss and dive deeper into difficult topics.  We were lucky enough to have the incredible Tony Young open up her heart and share with us the difficutlies of recovering from an eating disorder and all of the life lessons she learned along the way. We talk about how eating disorders are very rarely simply about body image and self confidence, they often stem from somewhere deeper; such as feeling a lack of control in your life.  It is important to self evaluate and to find healthy ways to deal with our feelings rather than letting our stress escalate into something harmful and addictive.  Our bodies are an incredible gift that we need to love and cherish- we only get one and it is so important to take care of it. In this episode you will learn different ways to educate yourself about prevention and will be able to learn from the many life lessons that Tony was able to pull from this experience even decades later. 


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