Becoming - A Podcast for Teens

Tales from Teens - QuaranTEEN Edition with Camryn Payne and Ceri Payne

April 16, 2020

We have always wanted to have a life coach and teen on an episode together. We have several wonderful guests who are certified life coaches and love their way of helping us process our thoughts and feelings. With the quarantine in full swing for nearly everyone around the world...we are so excited to bring you a special Tales from Teen - Quaran-TEEN edition. Ceri Payne is a return guest to the show and we have her daughter Camryn Payne who is a senior in high school joining us today. We hope that this episode helps you to understand some of the feelings you might be having surrounding your personal isolation, series of disappointments, and lost experiences you thought you might have. MOST IMPORTANTLY...this episode is truly applicable to other life struggles, challenges and trials. So if your stumbling upon this when #rona is a thing of the past...we hope you will find it just as applicable as when we release it.


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