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The Moon Is Round

April 22, 2021

THE MOON IS ROUND... This phrase has become a life moto for Tawni.  In this episode she will explain what this means and why it's become so important to her.

We’ve all seen the moon in its full and beautiful glory, but there are times when the shadows of life only allow you to see a sliver of the moon. In those desperate and hard times you may wonder if the moon is still in fact round.  Sometimes you might question if the full light is still there.  But I’m here to tell you- if you remain faithful, patient, and steadfast, the moon will absolutely show its magnificence again (every 29.5 days to be exact).  You see, it was always there, fully round the entire time! It was your perspective from where you were that made it seem less than.  God is ALWAYS there for us. “I will never leave you comfortless, I will come to you.” 

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