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Volunteering Abroad in Tonga with Bethany Spackman - TALES FROM TEENS

January 23, 2020

We have another great Tales From Teens episode for you this week. If you have ever been inspired after hearing about humanitarian efforts of others, you will love hearing about this awesome teen and her trip to Tonga. Bethany Spackman is sharing about her humanitarian trip to Tongatapu, where she and 18 other teens built a house for a woman and her grandson who were in great need of help after a devastating cyclone took their home the year before.  Bethany not only worked so hard to earn enough money to go on the trip, but then labored and built the home with no experience and very little hardware and necessary tools to do the job. The lessons she learned were so much more than hardwork and practical skills, the love and gratitude that she experienced will forever stick with us.


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