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What You Should Know About Pornography…Formally Known as the Subject That Shall Not Be Named with Tony Overbay from The Virtual Couch Podcast

April 30, 2020

We have an extremely important topic today being covered by one of our favorite guests...Tony Overbay! Tony Overbay has dedicated so much of his career in researching and helping individuals recover from pornography use. The subject of pornography used to be a subject that so many avoided, but like so many things that are the most important but a little intimidating to discuss, pornography is not a topic that should be avoided. So lets be brave and talk about it! The more we know and understand the risks, resolutions, and tools for this problem that is not going away, the more we can do about it. Join us as we learn all about Tony's shame free, hope filled approach to a more fulfilling and positive life! This is for EVERYONE!


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